Great Words from customers

Thank you Tim! Your service is paying off with new customers attending our Showroom! Highly recommend for any business looking for new leads! Have a wonderfully prosperous day! Carl French and Team! Speers Road Broadloom Ltd. Call 289-218-7376 anytime for a personal reference! 

-- Speers Road Broadloom Flooring, Oakville

It’s been just 3 short weeks since Ein Stein Wine house started to advertise with  In that time we’ve already seen many new clients walk through our doors. Mygoon is a great way for us to get word out in the local community about our products. Their customer service is second to none, and has worked with us to see results fast. 

-- Ein Stein Wine House, Oakville works for my business. Give it a try. You won’t regret. 

-- Nino’s HairStyle, Oakville

We have seen plenty of new customers come in since Brander's Pool Service has started advertising on Many new residents to the area have booked service for their new pools with us, and through our ad we also recently held a seminar to teach new pool owners about their pools that brought many new clients into our store. In just a few weeks the investment has already been worth our while! 

-- Brander’s Pool Service, Oakville

I met Tim from and he asked me if I would like some new Chinese customers! Of course I said yes as we didn't have many Chinese Customers at our Garden Center in Oakville. I bought a Trial Subscription and told him that I wanted to see the proof! He said no problem! So he placed an add on the site and blasted his subscribers with a Special I was offering for new customers. I am not kidding when I say this! Chinese customers were coming into the Garden Center within a couple hours and then many more everyday after! 
He has a unique advertising platform and I highly recommend if you are looking for New Customers!! 

-- Dan Mazzilli, Fantasy Garden Centers

Speaking as someone who is running a small business, I can attest to how difficult it can be to find money for an advertising budget. Not to mention taking the risk of investing in ineffective advertising. 
So as you may imagine, I was skeptical when Tim walked into my shop. But after having a conversation with him, I could see the passion Tim had for his job and that he truly cared about helping my business grow. 
All in all, I'm very happy to have advertised with In a matter of days, I have seen more traffic, and returning costumers. Mygoon definitely works! It was a great decision to advertise with mygoon. I can recommend mygoon to all business looking to get the word out. Thank you mygoon!

-- Yopa, Oakville Meats & Deli