Questions & Answers.

Q: how can I make money by sharing ad or information?

A: Open an ad or post. Click the [Share to Earn] button. The ad page will reload once with your ID. Share the ad through chatting apps, social media, blogs, email and so on. The points definition details can be found below.

Q: how can I invite friends?

A: Log into Click your name at the top right corner. Click [My Organization] and start to invite others.

Q: what can I get if I invite friends?

A: Once the person you invite activates his/her account. You can get 1000 points. Most importantly, your friends can bring you residual income, you can get additional 10% of the money that your friends earn from

Q: is it free to post ad or information?

A: it is free to post ad or information in all the categories other than Today's Deal category.

Q: how can I promote ads such as list ads at the top of the list?

A: Once you post your ad, you can promote your ad by editing your ad. The ad promotion options are available at the bottom of the posting or editing page. You can also contact us about our membership promotion service which is more cost effective.

Q: can I earn points or money in

A: yes, you can earn points in many different ways and can be redeemed as money or goods later on. Every 10,000 points is equal to $1. This conversion rate is subject to change without notice in advance.

Q: how can I redeem my points that I earned on

A: PayPal is the only supported method for us to pay you as of now. Log in and go to your personal profile to enter the email address linked to your PayPay account. It is free to register for PayPal account. will pay you monthly once your earning is over $100 accumulated.

Q: do I need to pay tax for my income earned from

A: We have to claim tax for all our income. It is law.

1. For Canadian users -- Before you can be paid, you have to upload a picture of your official ID (i.e. driver's license or SIN card) in your personal profile on

2. For USA users -- it is optional to upload the picture of your ID. 25% of your income will be pre-deducted as tax payable to Canada CRA. You claim tax in USA with the tax paid to Canada CRA in consideration.

Q: how can I make more points?

A: the more you are involved with, the more points you can earn.

Here is the summary of the points of your activities on (this list might be redefined without notice in advance):

1. 500 points -- each time you login to (no duplicated points collection for further logins within 60 minutes after the first login.).

2(a). 1000 points -- when you invite one person to register in and activate the account.

2(b). 1000 points -- when a newly registered user posts the first ad in, the sponsor gets 1000 points.

3(a). 23 points -- each time when your ad or information is visited. Therefore, the more useful your ad or information is, the more valuable it is.

3(b). 46 points -- each time when your ad or informationin [Buy&Sell] and [Rentals] is visited. Therefore, the more useful your ad or information is, the more valuable it is.

3(c). 500 bonus points -- when your ad gets 100 visits.

4. 25 points -- each time when your shared ad is visited. You can share your own ads as well as somebody else's ads through different approaches such as other websites, email and so on.

5. 300 points -- each time when your shared paid ad is visited from somebody located in the target region of the paid ad.

6. 20 points -- each time when your ad or information gets a LIKE from somebody else.

7. 10 points -- each time when you comment on or reply to somebody else's ad or information.

8. -10 points -- you get negative points whenever others dislike your ad or information. MyGoon encourages everybody to post truly useful ads or information.

9. -1000 points -- you get negative points whenever others complain about your ad or information. reserves the right to suspend ads or close your account withou notifying you if your ads contain negative or harmful information.

Q: how can I invite others to register in

A: once you login, you should see a QR Code on the top right corner of the page. Click it, you should be able to invite others by sending the sponsoring link to others or ask them to scan your QA Code. The sponsoring points only apply after the invited user activates their account.

Q: what are the benefits of inviting others to register in

A: Inviting others to register is one of the most valuable action that you can take. You get residual points every month -- 10% of the points of your first level and second level child users generate every month.

Q: how can I share my ads or others' ads through all kinds of media?

A: visit any valuable classified ad in Click the "Share to earn" button to generate the sharing link. Send the sharing link to your friends or post it on other websites or blogs.

Q: what's the value of the points that I collected?

A: the points are highly valuable. However, the value of the points are not fixed. shares a certain percentage of the revenue to active users. The percentage might vary between 20% ~ 30% without notice in advance.