About Us.

MyGoon.com is a new generation local service platform. Our mission is to make your community more beautiful and convenient with everybody's help.

If you own or manage a businenss, we can lower your advertisement cost at least 50%. Our unique Share-to-Earn system makes it possible for businesses to leverage low cost part time labour to spread words for them. Contact us at +1(647)740-6888 for more information.

If you are individual, you can leverage our platform to start home business at $0 cost.

Follow the steps below to earn money:

  • Register free
  • Go to your email inbox (or Junk Mail) and activate your account
  • Login and configure your profile for the first time only. Use real name to be paid properly. Your real name is not visible to others.
  • Click your name on the top right corner and click [Statistics] to check your current points.
  • Start to earn money:
    1. You can earn money by posting and sharing useful or interesting information. Make sure that the REGION, LANGUAGE & CATEGORY is set properly.
    2. You can earn residual income by inviting friends to use MyGoon.com. You can benefit 20% out of your direct friends’ and first level indirect friends’ effort.
    3. Points details are defined in [Q&A] at the bottom of pages. You are paid monthly if you earned money is above threshold.
    4. A friendly reminder: please pay income tax as necessary.
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